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In Vasava we understand that the journey is the destination. We, as a studio, take pride in continual learning, creative experimentation, and risk-taking.Every project has to be special, and the process is equally important as the final outcome. Vasava started up in Barcelona in 1997, today we are a communication studio with 18 young designers who specialize in cross-media projects: print, web, motion, 3D animation, and video.Vasava works for companies large and small, including well-known brands such as Nike, Rocawear, Adobe, Diesel, 55DSL, Mango, Budweiser and Red Bull. The studio’s designers spend time on commercial work but also on awe-inspiring personal design, illustration and typography design that is displayed in exhibitions and books around the world.We believe in technology in support of creativity, whether we are programming for the web, editing video, or designing for print, we continually find ways to push the boundaries of our craft, with a passion that shines through in everything we do.


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