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Cadbury e a dança das sobrancelhas

Você já viu esse comercial antes mas nunca soube direito o que faz dele tão legal. Agora você pode saber.

  1. They managed to capture people’s imagination with the Gorilla, people are prepared to look at Cadbury’s stuff- huge advantage
  2. They have blogs like Influx ready to share the content
  3. It’s unexpected and strange
  4. There’s a human connection- unlike the trucks
  5. It can spawn derivatives- people can try this themselves and post videos
  6. It has replay and share value
  7. It still fits the very broad brief of “Joy”
  8. Like Gorilla, the production here is flawless
  9. They are running the spot on TV to gain mass traction

9 reasons why cadbury’s eyebrows are a hit :: Influxinsights.

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