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True Blood: Revelation


Case studie of the marketing campaign for HBO’s series True Blood. By Campfire.

From their website ( rue-blood-revelation/):

On September 7, 2008, HBO premiered True Blood, a new series about vampires from creator Alan Ball (Six Feet Under). In the show, a synthetic blood beverage called Tru Blood allows vampires to walk among humans. HBO faced some specific communications challenges marketing True Blood. Primary among them was creating awareness, building buzz and ultimately driving tune-in.

Also, since the vampire genre skews quite young, they needed to identify and attract a new, harder-to-reach demo. We responded to the challenges by launching an integrated event-level marketing campaign designed to explain the back story behind how vampires discover, market, and ultimately use Tru Blood to integrate with society. By leveraging all available promotional platforms to generate wide-scale awareness and broaden the audience of a genre show, we enabled a deeper engagement with the show from the outset and built an early and loyal audience.

via YouTube – True Blood: Revelation.

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