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Ben Tour e seu the Tour Show

Canadian-born artist Ben Tour (b. 1977) channels a dark, often haunting sense of humanism in his work. His observations deftly inform his paintings, enabling him to capture the essence of a character, and then distort that view any way he desires. Frenetic lines, swaths of color, and intimate angles all convey a sense that Tour may not only be drawing inspiration from the lives of strangers he observes, but manifesting his own personal experiences as well. Ben Tour lives on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia with his Wife and two children.

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Hello, I’m ZSO. (On paper you may also know me as Sara Blake.) I’m an Interactive Art Director, Designer, and Illustrator living and loving in New York City.

ZSO (pronounced |z?|) is a collection of letters that I find aesthetically and phonetically beautiful. Together they make sound much like “so,” the adverb which means “to such a great extent.” I am a person of extremes, for better or worse (most often the latter), so the ring of it was fitting, and the moniker has since stuck for good.

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Veronique Meignaud

Véronique Meignaud aka Marmotte (b.1984) is a french freelance illustrator living in Paris. After 2 years of formation at the Emile Cohl Art School (Lyon / France), she spent almost 5 years working for the video game industry as concept artist. Marmotte is now working for several publishers and starting slowly in the fashion Industry.

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