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Dimo Trifonov

I enjoy wasting my time in front of the computer playing with some design tools, for almost 5 years. Now i am 19 years old with experience in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and Logotype. In near future i want to focus more on Video and Photography. Currently open for freelance and interesting projects. Also proud member of KDU and Senior member at Evokeone.

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Lowpop is the tremendous ear catchy moniker of Lille based french graphic designer & wannabe art director Baptiste Ringot. It could be translated by “HighRock”, but it was smarter to get along with Lowpop. Since always highly attracted by rough & loud music and art, these two obsessions became bounded the day I made my first poster for one my rock band (Wich was absolutely crappy BTW). Right after that, i followed a three days class in film photography with a genius photographer, and that was launched. I wanted to be a graphic artist, whatever the media, or even the disappointments, difficulties.

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