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jessica tremp

Born in 1981, Jessica grew up in Switzerland before moving to Melbourne at the age of 18. She has been scratching her creative itch through various mediums and having looked at the world through a view finder all her life, with or without a camera in hand, finally opened the floodgates on photography more seriously in the last few years. She has been published in magazines including ‘empty’ and the American ‘shots’ and has participated in various group shows. Her passion for creativity keeps growing into an obsession and constant desire for release.

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Debbie Carlos

I was born in LA, moved to Manila, moved to Massachusetts and am now living in Chicago. I first studied Psychology at Clark University. A few years after graduating I went on to study Photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where I also learned things like embroidery and architectural history both of which are things I never thought I’d like but ended up loving. And some years after that this site was born.

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Clark Little

Clark Little é um fotógrafo de surf cujo trabalho artístico é focado naquele momento onde as ondas se tornam cristais de vidro e logo, voltam àquele estado liquído que tanto conhecemos.

Veja as fotos abaixo e você vai entender bem o que eu estou falando.
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