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A home grown New Jersey native, I studied computer science and computer graphics at an engineering school and somehow ended up doing cg, design and direction for television and film across the river in New York. Go figure.

I am currently Lead 3d at Shilo‘s New York office, a title I’ve had the honour of holding since its early beginnings. Over the course of the past few years, I’ve worn many hats. Lead Artist, Lead 3d, Lead Compositor, Art Director, CG Supervisor, Visual Effects Supervisor, Technical Director, Designer, Editor, CG Cinematographer, Previsualization Artist, IT Department, Photographer, Mattepainter, Writer, sometimes Hand Model, hopefully not Rotoscoper, occasionally Extra. In that time, I also established Shilo’s 3d pipeline and helped redesign the file structure and workflow to better accommodate long- and short-format live action, editorial, multi-platform 3d, scalable multi-user composite and 2d animation.


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