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I studied and graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Communication & Design in 2007 at Monash University, Melbourne. Since then, I have interned and freelanced at some of Melbourne’s most creative and well renowned studios such as Round and Hofstede. I also worked full time for just under a year at Design By Pidgeon, a studio well known for creating unique design solutions. Over the past few years I have worked with a number of clients in the arts sector including Heide Museum of Modern Art, Geelong Gallery, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Bendigo Art Gallery. I have also worked with commercial corporations such as Häfele, DTAC, Strata Kitchens, Cunsolo Architects and the State of Design. Recently I have co-published, –edited, –designed and –launched Process Journal with Hunt Studio, a quarterly journal focused on Australian and international graphic design projects and the process behind these jobs.

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